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  • From initial enquiry to completing construction we treat our customers in a professional manner
  • We listen and establish a working relationship with our customers from the start
  • Our team is dressed neatly in work uniform and arrive to site on time
  • Team meetings are held prior to starting to discuss daily work objectives
  • Discuss any safety hazards or issues and address prior to work activity commencing
  • Ensure all PPE is available and in good working condition prior to any hazardous work duties
  • Set out project requirements according to brief or design details
  • Tick off pre start work checklists in relation to work activity (Retaining, Paving, etc)
  • Carry out duties in relation to work activities in a timely and safe manner
  • Always engage and be courteous of client and other trades people
  • Ensure tools are collected and gathered in a safe manner if not in use
  • Ensure site is tidy as practically possible during all work activities
  • Continuously check set out requirements throughout the project to ensure all finished levels, structures and features remain correct and true
  • Ensure housekeeping is met and tools are kept clean and tidy
  • Always note or discuss construction constraints or difficulties in relation to brief or design, that requires immediateattention or action to fix or make better
  • Always follow specifications set by manufacturers in accordance to work industry standards
  • Ask questions and or demonstrate correct work practices as required relating to work activities if unsure
  • Be accountable and take ownership of work activities you are in involved in
  • At completion of practical work day ensure all work areas are left clean and tidy
  • All tools are clean and returned to their designated positions on work truck
  • If tools are to be kept onsite, ensure they are positioned to not obstruct or obscure other trades or clients movements and are left in a secure and tidy fashion
  • Time off for lunch is 50mins and combines 20min smoko and 30min lunch allowances, usually taken at 12pm
  • 7am start with completion of work day at 4pm unless otherwise stated
  • At conclusion of project the head landscaper will discuss Handover Checklist with Client or Project Manager for confirmation that all requirements relating to the contract have been met and accepted.



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